Yes, I Cosplay

I fancy myself as more than a computer nerd. I am a total tech nerd, a dyed-in-the-wool enthusiast of anything mechanical and challenging. I seek to learn new skills and acquire new pastimes. This does not rule out something as far-fetched as a sewing machine. Why? I will tell you. I had the occasion to fashion some costumes for a convention, and how else was I to execute the job? For some reason, I did not want to purchase the costume of choice and I thought that as long as I was making one, I could do more.

Shirts, skirts, pants, belts, capes, and collars: are all fodder for enormous amounts of sewing fun. The more intricate the details, the better. The more whimsical, the more to master. There are head pieces, vests, gloves, and epaulets. There is no end to creativity in this regard. Plus, think of the cost of just one of these costumes at times up to a whopping two hundred dollars.

You might say that yes, I cosplay. I can make anything from the Last Naruto to Kick Ass Hit Girl or Kylo Ren. Nothing surpasses my will and determination. A coworker actually got me into this mania and showed me the basics of a standard sewing machine. From there, I went home instantly and started doing some research and read sewing machine reviews until I found the machine that would suit me perfectly. I purchased a top rated model with computerized stitching and multiple function parts. I can change the needle size and type of “foot” in a flash. It can handle leather, heavy fabrics, plastic, and more. It can embroider and applique with a flip of a switch.

You learn fast how to make covered buttons and add piping or parallel stripes to a sleeve. You know the meaning of braiding and trimming. Your eyes feast on fabulous textured fabrics and gleaming colors. It is an endeavor beyond compare.

Yes, I Cosplay and will continue to do so for some time to come. I may opt for a hooded mask down the road, a faux leather holster, or a fabulous cloak. Then there are boot covers to make you show your merits. Can I make mesh armor? Maybe not, but I can whip up trousers galore. A flak jacket is no stumbling block, nor is a forehead protector. A poncho or women’s robe is to amaze. Give me new options at every turn and I shall never wear the same costume twice.

I am also willing to go to the ropes for kids. Their smaller size isn’t a problem. It is all about quality work. I may even upgrade my current machine if this mania lasts. I have a good one, but you can always do better. There are more twists and turns in the sewing trade – there is so much more to accomplish. It is all about having an eagle eye and being patient enough to prevail. When you rush, things get tangled up and become a mess of reconstruction. It pays to learn the craft well and apply it slowly and painstakingly at first. In the long run, you will be a master.

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