Inspiration from an Unlikely Source

I don’t need to go to an Internet café to go online. I have access to multiple computers when I am work. My daytime home is the local library. People come in all day long to do research. Sometimes the topics are mundane and sometimes they are esoteric. Is there information out there that can’t be found? I tell my computer class students that the answer is no. I give them a variety of subjects and they test this hypothesis. What you want to know is there, but it might be from an unlikely source. Believe it or not, people read print vehicles like newspapers and magazines. They still exist in a special reading corner of my library. I have been known to thumb the pages of a fashion mag now and then. I have a reason for this new practice. I am self-conscious about my pale, short eyelashes. You can hardly see them at all. I am loath to wear mascara or false eyelash extensions. What else can I do but settle for my plight in life?

I saw a headline on a web site about eyelash growth serums here: I guess other people have my problem. I read about how one’s appearance affects self-esteem. Women are most sensitive to a bare-looking eye. Either they aren’t born with thick lashes or they pull them out. Yes, people do that. It is a nervous habit that is hard to cure. According to the article, these women seek therapy. They learn to say “no” whenever the desire to pick at a lash arises. They also moisturize their lashes so that they are less brittle. The instinct to pull out a soft lash is less intense. I certainly learned something new about psychological problems. Mine lack of lashes is simpler. I wasn’t born with many. I didn’t singe them off standing too close to the flame of my gas stove. I wasn’t endowed at birth. I envy those children whose eyes look so deep and dark. I remember not wanting my photo taken when I was a kid.

No, I don’t have any nostalgia about class photo time. Now I am an adult and can take the matter in hand. I will use an eyelash growth serum. There is a whole section of the article devoted to over-the-counter products. You can try a home remedy as well. The drugstore is loaded with solutions as is the Internet. You can go to your doctor for a prescription for a medical treatment to your problem. This route sounds very promising as the product has undergone FDA clinical trials. With other serums, you take your chances and can spend a lot of money trying them all out. It takes a few months to see results, so if you are testing products, you need a half a year’s time. Am I willing to wait that long. I decide why not. If I am one of the lucky ones that the article talks about, and if I achieve success, I will feel like a new person. I can present my face to the public with more pride.

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