High Tech Packs

There is more to being a computer nerd than having the latest, greatest model of anything in the tech world (but it is certainly important). There is more to having the best smart phone and dozens of apps. And finally, there is more to a table, and iPod, or a Kindle. These are all wonderful technological gadgets that have recently blessed mankind, and they bring great joy, but you have to be able to tote them around in style. Hence today’s blog topic of the ubiquitous backpack. How to look cool while you carry your objects of wonder.

For my job in the library, I am lost without my requisite gear. It is part and parcel of my lifestyle before and after work. I am never without the whole contingency. I never leave stuff at work lest it disappear in no time flat. You never know when an intruder will invade your space. It has happened to more than one unlucky soul. After all, a library is a public institution. Furthermore, expensive tech objects are wanted by everyone. Some just go the easy route. Thus, I have availed myself of a cool backpack that has more compartments than a passenger train. I can fit books, phones, laptops, tablets, and a Kindle within its cozy confines. I can store my lunch, wallet, eyeglasses, and DVDs. It protects everything and makes items super easy to sort and find. There is never a question of things piled on top of one another in carrier mayhem.

I suppose people in the IT world are more organized than most. They feel they need to be. And they are certainly nerdier than most. It is important to them to have things just right and within easy reach. It is probably more important how things are housed than how the tote bag actually looks. But not me. I selected a super stylish backpack model that is surely coveted by nerd and non-nerd alike. It is black leather with the requisite straps, but it also has strategic rivets for a Mr. Cool appeal. It has zippered pouches on the exterior and they are for more than pure style. In goes some documents I will need to retrieve shortly.

The inside is a marvel of organizational engineering. I couldn’t have done it better myself. Each compartment is the right size for its passenger. A lot of thought went into the backpack’s design. Each compartment is also lined to prevent scratching and marring of precious surfaces. This backpack of mine is a marvel of form follows function, and I wouldn’t trade it for any other model. It cost me a bundle and is meant for the long term. Meanwhile, it performs its duties well as a high tech design. I will not reveal the origin or name of this item beyond compare should anyone want this special, prized look. I prefer it remain anonymous so I can be unique and privileged. I say that with tongue in cheek, but frankly, I mean it.

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